Ork 234 - Turn 20

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Ork 234, Year 20
Deadline: (n/a)
Game name: Test Game 2 (14-Tage-Rhythmus)
The game is over.

Tribes of human players

Guruk Gum (3) from 218346759 (47)
Jadawin (5) from Schweißsteinen (171)
Englishman (12) from Ney York (236)
William Shakespeare (13) from Stratford-upon-Avon (182)
Deanna Troi (16) from Bärenham (355)
5 tribes lead by human players out of 26 in total.

World News:

Sudorku has assumed another name: Guruk Gum.
Average goldear assets after VK commands - human players: 258 984 g; bit orcs: 59 732 g.

Castle construction inKl.Castle owner/from
171 Schweißsteinen1Jadawin/39
255 Schweinesenke1Rulo Fohlengrabscher/377
355 Bärenham2Deanna Troi/359
William Shakespeare has deployed a moloch in Stratford-upon-Avon (182).
A moloch accompanying an army will spit liquid fire and cause enormous damage in the target area.
Guruk Gum has deployed a golem in 218346759 (47).
Deanna Troi has deployed a golem in Fettau (345).
Guruk Gum has deployed a colossus in 218346759 (47).
Deanna Troi has deployed a colossus in Bärenham (355).

Slave market
Total turnover: 7 024 g and 237 slaves.
Minimum price paid for slaves: 29.11 g. Maximum price: 30.43 g. Average price: 29.64 g.
Not all offers could be sold.
Not all demands could be satisfied.

* Heroes tournament *

8 heroes compete for victory in the tournament this year.

1st round
Sauron Rotschneid from Welt der Tausend Ebenen (39) eliminates Grarg Niederrumpler from 218346759 (47) from the tournament.
Shylock from Stratford-upon-Avon (182) ties Flogor Gellennacken from Taubenhain (275) into knots.
Plebakh Schweißarm from A (159) wins over Shalven Laugenstinker from Wurzhorst (342).
Horuvnukh Jauchenknirscher from Gnubbelstein (287) lets Hodish Schmutzfresser from Death Valley (105) look like a kid.

2nd round
Sauron Rotschneid from Welt der Tausend Ebenen (39) sweeps Horuvnukh Jauchenknirscher from Gnubbelstein (287) aside.
Shylock from Stratford-upon-Avon (182) is successful against Plebakh Schweißarm from A (159).

3rd round
Shylock from Stratford-upon-Avon (182) wins over Sauron Rotschneid from Welt der Tausend Ebenen (39).

Shylock from Stratford-upon-Avon (182) is the beaming winner of this tournament.
He beams. On the side of his competitors more of a twinkle is seen: a wicked twinkle shows a different view. "Winning is not everything", the achpriest honours in a short speech the winner, "it is the only thing."
Relocation: Jadawin relocates from Welt der Tausend Ebenen (39) to Schweißsteinen (171).
Relocation: Deanna Troi relocates from Betazed (359) to Bärenham (355).

Everyone in the Black Empire is influenced by foreign evil powers and looks at William Shakespeare in adoration.
This ruler can, every year from now on, subjugate a vassal of another player without a fight.

- Sieges:
147 Eselquell128 Ätherau182 Stratford-upon-Avon 47 218346759
275 Taubenhain359 Betazed 35 Doppelsprengel 39 Welt der Tausend Eb>
168 Folterhofen109 Fahlbork244 Fersenförde287 Gnubbelstein
290 Dunkelburg249 Schweißkamp342 Wurzhorst345 Fettau
159 A 79 Wurzsenke343 Eitelbrück342 Wurzhorst
287 Gnubbelstein205 Rumpelstunken145 Mollenquell 63 Aschenlunden
  3 Naddelwarft103 Hohenbek228 Gnollweil290 Dunkelburg
212 Zwergenhausen171 Schweißsteinen128 Ätherau101 Spinnengrube

- Raids:
267 Grottenhafen182 Stratford-upon-Avon 33 Joinery 52 Elbenhof
 98 Quarkheim 56 Hohenbrück  

- Caravans:
337 Fahlsteinen287 Gnubbelstein287 Gnubbelstein168 Folterhofen
277 Trauergrad273 Affenrade244 Fersenförde229 Grollweiler
 33 Joinery342 Wurzhorst355 Bärenham 47 218346759
267 Grottenhafen244 Fersenförde236 Ney York142 Obertrist
In Fersenförde (244), a glaring green ball lightning forms.
The castle in Eselquell (147) is improved to castle class 2 by a FORTIFICATION spell.
The ball lightning in Fersenförde (244) wanders to Schleimbergen (245) and extinguishes there.
The ball lightning in Knochenmühlen (233) wanders to Eulenweiler (213) and extinguishes there.
The ball lightning in Ekelrade (254) wanders to Spießfalle (235).
The dragon pillages Grollweiler (229).
Foreign merchants offer (GB special offer): 422 u iron.
In Joinery (33) at the court of Zurudush Gallentod the Archmage Blalukh Goldschimmler settled down.
In Obertrist (142) at the court of Hing Aschenwahn the Archmage Riurk Bimbesschreier settled down.

Society gossip:
Plirugur Schlumpftäufer from Wurzhorst (342) became Vassall.
Ssyon Schlumpfnacken from Doppelsprengel (35) became Vassall.
Plorurukh Gelbfasser from Gnubbelstein (287) became Vassall.

The temple priests announce:
The leaders Auxiliary Priest Guruk Gum from 218346759 (47) and High Priest William Shakespeare from Stratford-upon-Avon (182) are both examples for the rest of the Black Empire.
Their faith is equal - and both should be equally motivated to distinctly raise their temple donations.
The bottom of the barrel: Pious Gobukh Lungenlüstling from Smelly Valley (251). No one likes this kind of leader, Khurrad himself despises them.
The average faith level is 71 points.

Table Of Fame - Year :
13/166203Margrave Jadawin from Schweißsteinen (171)
22/295304Duchess Deanna Troi from Bärenham (355)
32/124210*Grand Count Guruk Gum from 218346759 (47)
4-/8093Knight Englishman from Ney York (236)
Asterisks: Rank has change. "No.": ranking number. "Tot.": notoriety points total. "Add.": Additional notoriety points for this year (including special notoriety points). "Spec.": special notoriety points for this year.
The table of fame is sorted by the number of kills (bit-orcs do not count here!), then by the number of notoriety points. "n/k" notoriety points means: n human players eliminated, k notoriety points.

Wanted! Dead, not alive ...
Gobukh Lungenlüstling from Smelly Valley (251) for 19 000 g.
Jadawin from Schweißsteinen (171) for 10 000 g.

Hall of fame of the Black Empire heroes:
1Schnödel Kugelblut171503835111131
3William Riker355468326142230
4Zaobugh Bibberäser4746622981233
5Fikar Gramkracher17127382581027

The wooden gates are rotten, the walls are cracking - the castles in the following areas are gone:
Eisenhörn (283), Gnubbelgroden (288).
The year of destiny has come. Will the good prevail - or will the Black Empire stay free and independent?

Battle day 1
The soft skinned army of this day (army strength 6337, 126724 goldears and 55 u adder blood) faces the Black Empire army deployed by the Black Marshal (army strength 17501, 95052 goldears and 140 u adder blood).
The Black Empire army is weakened by bribes (army strength down to 15313).
Fireballs, lightning bolts and earthquakes decrease the elven and human army strength to 4412 points.
The Black Empire forces have won this battle day.

Battle day 2
The soft skinned army of this day (army strength 2716, 15840 goldears and 33 u adder blood) faces the Black Empire army deployed by the Black Marshal (army strength 17501, 95052 goldears and 140 u adder blood).
The elven and human army is weakened by bribes (army strength down to 1584).
Fireballs, lightning bolts and earthquakes decrease the elven and human army strength to 978 points.
The Black Empire forces have won the war by prevailing on two successive battle days.
As a gratification for his outstanding services, the Black Marshal Guruk Gum is promoted to the rank of "Grand Duke".
Illmir Steißschneider declares Jadawin public enemy, and vassal of Guruk Gum. This is the price for under-donating.

======= !!! HIGH KING CORONATION !!! ======

|      I    I    I    I    I      |
|       I   II  III  II   I       |
|        IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII        |
|         IIII II II IIII         |
|           IIIIIIIIIII           |
|          IIIIIIIIIIIII          |
At last, Illmir Steißschneider has found a worthy successor for Kuon the Terrible: Deanna Troi.
Her superior diplomatic skills, the abilitiy to improve her tribe and not least the exceptional talents as a general were the foundation of her victory.
Illmir Steißschneider especially appreciates in her that sie über alle Maßen berühmt ist.
May the other leaders duly step back behind her according to the current Envy table and support her in filling the coffers and bellies of Khurrad's priests.


BloodWilliam Shakespeare/182
WhirlingWilliam Shakespeare/182
SolidarityWilliam Shakespeare/182
DefenseZurudush Gallentod/33

NMR statistics

Guruk Gum (3)47submitted0
Jadawin (5)171submitted0
Englishman (12)236NMR2
William Shakespeare (13)182submitted0
Deanna Troi (16)355submitted0

To everyone:

Vom GM:
Vielen Dank für Eure Teilnahme und einen herzlichen Glückwunsch an den

Ihr sollt nicht Schweinereien in den Wald rufen und, wenn es herausschallt,
in höhnischem Tonfall sagen: "Hört Euch an, wie der Wald schweinigelt!"
[Sechzehntes Gebot von Arnold Hau]