Copyright and license

"The Nebula Throne" (TNT) is written by me, Thomas Naumann, Kiel, Germany. I started it in the year 1985 as a raw concept (discussing it with Wolfgang Schmidle during our sessions with "Enduro Racer" on my Amstrad CPC 6128), forgot it and dug it out in 2002 as a diversion (I should have learnt for an examination...).

"The Nebula Throne" is freeware. You can use it, copy it, distribute it - there are only three conditions:

1. You must not charge any fee for it. This includes money for the production of media, charges for postage or any other excuse for ripping money off customers.

2. You must not alter the program in any way and may only distribute the archive in the same condition and constellation as offered here on my website. I would mightily frown upon every attempt to erase or alter copyright notices - it is fame and immortality I wrote this program for!

3. I am not liable for any damage the program "The Nebula Throne" may cause. It is faulty, bug ridden and a real pestilence on your computer; it may change or damage your health or way of life; it is possible that aliens will land in your front garden because of using this program - whatever happens, I am not responsible for it and will not pay for it (in fact: I will laugh at it - please report any alien landings!), whether the damage occurs directly or indirectly due to the usage of this program.

Everybody who does not agree to these terms is forbidden to download the program.