Version history

since 24. 02. 2002

24. 02. 02

  • Throne produced a-hundredfold of the planned number of ships.

    25. 02. 02

  • TNT can be used with large fonts.
  • Map coordinate numbers are better readable.
  • Report panel now sizable (saved in TNT.INI).
  • Ctrl-I calls info window with basic information about the game.
  • Buy-tech-screen optimized.
  • Map cursor doesn't weirdly dance around anymore when centering around a planet.
  • Lords can be renamed.
  • Version 0.05 definiert.
  • Small planet bitmaps (thanks, Sebastian!) introduced.

    26. 02. 02

  • Reinforcements are shown together with incoming fleets in one listbox.
  • Ordered fleets are integrated in the incoming/reinforcements listbox.
  • Version 0.06 definiert.

    27. 02. 02

  • Splashscreen with a graphic von Sebastian Finke aka Schwarzmagier (thanks again!).
  • Only-one-word-error while renaming a Lord corrected.
  • Ctrl-E marks planets of a certain Lord with an ugly pink colour.
  • Better background for the map (with little stars, twinkle, twinkle).
  • Orders are saved in THD-file.
  • Automatically saved are: (file with all orders just before processing of the turn) and (file after processing of the turn).
  • F10 invokes planet table.

    28. 02. 02

  • Victory points are calculated (heavy beta test!).
  • Empire start ships are now correctly saved.
  • Computer players are now more sensible while looking for attack targets.
  • At the beginning of the game every player has a current report about Throne.

    01. 03. 02

  • Computer players do not reinforce precarious planets.
  • Computer players do now attack from planets with incoming fleets, but they let behind a sufficient number of ships to defend it.
  • Own planets with incoming fleets are reinforced by the computer players, but now only with a just sufficient number of ships.
  • While manoeuvring fleets around the computer strengthens planets
    just conquered,
    with a short distance to hostile planets,
    with a high productivity (especially home).
  • After starting the program a short blurb about the game will give new players a quick overview.

    02. 03. 02

  • Simple diplomacy model introduced.
  • Computer players strengthen fleets already in transit if the ETA of the original and the support fleet allow that (very nasty!).

    04. 03. 02

  • The computer players had the tendency to move their fleets to the most backwater planet possible. I changed this: They will now build strongpoints at the frontier.
  • Some graphics from Sebastian Finke are used now in the reports.
  • Version 0.11 is online.

    05. 03. 02

  • Computer players, who have not seen any foe yet, are now moving their fleets to the next Empire planet seen.
  • The ETA limit for sending fleets for computer players is not fixed anymore but depends from the "hostile distances" calculated for each planet.

    06. 03. 02

  • No supporting of attacks if target is an Empire planet.
  • Planet table can be sorted by double-clicking on column heads.

    07. 03. 02

  • The incoming fleets for one planet are given in one report.
  • Every treacherous action generates a report message.
  • It is possible to have default names: If a file "MYNAMES.NAM" is in the program directory, the names in this file will be read and assigned to the first Lords.
  • Version 0.12 is online.

    09. 03. 02

  • Bug in the "MYNAMES.NAM"-routine led to an index-error.
  • The window for input of move orders is redesigned. It contains now a message concerning the possible detection of the fleet.
  • New rank: Censor.
  • Version 0.13 is online.

    10. 03. 02

  • Bug: If the scan level is very high and the cloak level very low, a "division by zero"-error could occur.
  • Prerequisite for a victory is not only conquering Throne but also ruling more planets than any other Lord.
  • Highscores are stored and can be inspected.
  • When starting a new game, the next free number is proposed (according to the stored highscores).
  • There is now a shortcut for sending spy drones: left-click on source, right-click on target. No dialog required anymore.

    11. 03. 02

  • You can give movement orders more easily with the right mouse button (holding down "Shift" or "Ctrl" if necessary).

    12. 03. 02

  • In the planet table (F10) sums are given for planets, prod levels, ships in orbit, ships in transfer and for the production of ships and TP during the last turn and the expected production of ships and TP for the next turn.
  • Attacks on Throne by computer players are now handled in a separate routine.
  • If defeated you will be informed by a defeat screen (courtesy to Sebastian Finke).

    13. 03. 02

  • It is possible to double-click on the "reinforcements/incoming fleets" listbox and jump to the source planet of the movement order, if fleets are given in green italics (meaning: orders just given).
  • The reinforcement jumps of the computer players are now preferentially shorter. That should avoid the occurance that nearly half of all ships are in transfer, thus not being able to defend planets.
  • If you click on "erase a fleet movement order" (info panel, above the "fleets about to leave" listbox, one red cross) and have not chosen a special order, the last shown order will be erased.
  • On the planet page in the info panel the turn of conquering the planet is shown.
  • In the fleet orders box outgoing fleets to hostile planets are red, spy drones black, others green.
  • The computer players try to support and to defend with larger numbers than until now.
  • All promotions are shown in one message.
  • Version 0.14 is online.

    14. 03. 02

  • New game setup screen.
  • The navigation actions (F6/Shift-F6) were not disabled if no game was loaded. That led to mysterious error messages.
  • Turn processing is much faster because of a more sophisticated way of operating with the given orders.

    15. 03. 02

  • If a planet becomes hostile during the processing of the turn, say on the 34th day, and more than one fleet tries to land on the formerly own planet, they have not waited for one another. This has changed.

    16. 03. 02

  • Splash screen removed; instead the TNT-title-screen is displayed on the main form. The "what-to-do-first"-text is displayed only once.
  • New option screen.
  • A battle animation screen.
  • Sound effects included.
  • Home button jumps to the home planet (or the best producing planet, if the own home planet is not ruled).
  • 17. 03. 02

  • It is possible to mark a certain map sector for later reference (Ctrl-M).
  • Version 0.15 online.
  • About-text inadvertently omitted.
  • Ctrl-D (display battle animation) also focuses the map on the battle field.
  • If the hounds of war begin to bark, a "Peace"-button replaces the deactivated "Display"-Button, so that you can offer a peace treaty without having to access the Lord-page in the info panel.

    20. 03. 02

  • Shortcut Shift-F10 brings Lords page in the info panel to the front.
  • If you play on after the game has ended, the Grand Emperor becomes "yellow" (the player is out of the game). No highscore is recorded afterwards.

    23. 03. 02

  • Some help texts revised.
  • ETA display in the status line now relates to the map cursor planet, not to the last possible source planet.
  • Menu options not available are now not only grayed out but disappear altogether.
  • Dropped pbem-mode for a while. TNT is quite enjoyable as a "normal" computer game.
  • Version 0.16 online.

    24. 03. 02

  • There is a hint connected with the "conquered in turn x"-label giving information about the last planet owner.
  • Sometimes planets send out help messages. If you liberate these planets a special bonus will be awarded to you (for instance: every turn 10 TP).

    28. 03. 02

  • Some weird victory messages are corrected now.
  • You get a free report on Throne every turn.
  • Version 0.20 online.

    09. 04. 02

  • Sometimes own planets cried for help.
  • Improvement of the scrolling routines in the planet table.

    20. 04. 02

  • Victory anthem composed.
  • Default difficulty lowered (CPR=100 instead of 120).
  • Version 0.21 online.

    24. 04. 02

  • Planets which cry for help are now more or less in the vicinity of the player.
  • Home planets of other players are marked with a little yellow palace (optional).

    26. 04. 02

  • Version 0.22 online.

    12. 05. 02

  • In the buy-tech-screen the maximum level is given excluding your own tech level. That means you can watch your opponents catching up to your exalted levels of wisdom.
  • Version 0.23 online.

    01. 07. 02

  • When determining the danger of being discovered while entering a move-command for your fleet, TNT now takes into account the maximum scan level except your own.

    07. 07. 02

  • It is possible to add an additional victory condition: Rule at least n% of the planets.
  • A "repeat movement orders"-button simplifies spying and logistics.
  • Three buttons for quick zooming of the map included.

    13. 07. 02

  • The planet table shows planetary boni.
  • Smaller maps have less missions.
  • If you are one of the old fashioned guys using the shift-leftclick-method to move ships around (instead of the very hip right-click-methods), you may have stumbled over the Greebo-Paradoxon, named after the famous scientist Drusus Greebo. It is best described using an example. If you have already ordered 13 of your 65 ships from Orseus to Taul and you want to reconsider this order, issuing a new one, you are confronted with a stolid program only allowing you to send 52 ships from Orseus to Taul. This paradoxon has now dissolved and seeped away in the gutters of the history of logic.

    21. 07. 02

  • Version 0.24 online.

    29. 07. 02

  • The normal planets have different maximum production levels (not always 9 as before).

    16. 10. 02

  • Setup default values changed.
  • Version 0.25 online.

    13. 11. 02

  • Check mark is displayed if a planet has all its ships ordered to move.
  • Bug corrected that led to erroneous assumptions whether the game has ended or not (and thus not updating the high score list in some cases).

    16. 11. 02

  • Version 0.26 online.

    02. 02. 03

  • TNT determined the second best tech level not reliable so that misleading data were displayed in the buy-tech-screen.

    25. 02. 03

  • The incoming fleets in the report window is now listed in ETA order.
  • A grammatical mistake corrected.

    16. 03. 03

  • Under some circumstances the AI miscalculates the already sent out ships for attacks, resulting in a much to passive approach.
  • In the game setup screen there is a new option: Throne strength. This affects the Throne startup fleet as well as the Throne production rate. Additionally the map size affects the size of startup fleet of Throne as well.
  • In the game setup screen the additional victory condition (at least n% of planets must be ruled for a victory) is now default.
  • The formulas for the cost of the ship-related technologies are dramatically altered. They are still rising according to the number of ships the player possesses, but no longer linear. The TP cost for scan and cloak depends now not only on the number of ships but also on the production level sum of all planets owned.
  • A home planet can not cry for help.
  • A small mistake led to promotion messages which were misleading in certain cases. The reason for it: The new rank proclaimed in the message was not the rank actually held by the time the message was generated but the rank held at the end of the turn. If a player was promoted to Vice Emperor and in the same turn fulfilling the victory conditions, a promotion to Grand Emperor followed by a seemingly meaningless appointment to Grand Emperor was the result of this bug.
  • Strg-H (Go To Home) tries now to find the home planet first. If the home planet could not be found, the planet with the highest population will be shown and the map centered upon it.
  • In the main menu the commands "Erase all RMOs" and "Repeat orders" are not shown if no game data are loaded.

    01. 05. 03

  • Planets can build improvements.
  • Version 0.30 online.

    03. 05. 03

  • TP cost for tech levels increased.

    04. 05. 03

  • The automatic change from "increase production" to "build ships" is more streamlined: it takes into regard the building queue.

    22. 05. 03

  • A bug concerning the improvements which can only built once detected (and replaced by proper code, of course).
  • Small changes in the AI: it will defend itself better.
  • Version 0.30a online.