01. 05. 2003

How can I streamline the interface?

TNT has two "splitters": The borders of the map panel to the right and below can be dragged to the desired positions. So you can set the size of the report panel and the info panel according to your taste. TNT will store the settings in the file "TNT.INI".

How to save and load games?

TNT saves automatically two files:

  • "autosave.thd" - this file contains the data of the game after processing of the last turn;
  • "before.thd" - this file contains the data of the game including all orders (even from the computer players) directly before processing the last turn.

    If you want to save manually, you can do so with the shortcut Ctrl-S (Strg-S on a German keyboard).

    Your English is jabbered. How comes?

    My native tongue is German. There is nothing wrong with German, but to my utter regret German is commonly only understood by Germans. If one aspires to make a game playable by everybody in the whole wide world, there are only two choices: Chinese for the Eastern half and English for the rest. And my Chinese is even worse than my English.

    TNT is too simple. There should be different ship types, scientific achievements, a much more complicated diplomatic system...

    Play "Master of Orion" or any other game of this type. "The Nebula Throne" is simple by purpose. I can write complicate games (try "Ork", if you have command over the German language), but I believe that there is a space for a simple move-the-ships-around-game like TNT. I missed such a game dearly after I saw a similar game in the 80's on a PC with CGA-graphics of friends of mine.

    How are the improvements depending from each other?

    Choose "Help"/"improvement table" from the menu. TNT will produce a HTML-file named "IMPROVTB.HTM" and tries to open it in your default browser. Study the table carefully.

    I want to check a planet's possibilities real quick. I am to lazy to hassle through the building screen to find out how many ships a planet will produce.

    Hover with the mouse cursor on the planet in the map. Study the status line. Or hover with the mouse cursor on the prod/maxprod-numbers in the info panel and study the hint text.

    Why am I not able to build a Propaganda Ministry?

    The requirements for a Propaganda Ministry are: The planet's population must not be enthusiastic and the planet's population must not be intelligent. The in-game improvements table until version 0.30a is mistakable.

    How can I calculate ETA between two planets fast?

    Ever watched the status line at the bottom? Interesting things are happening there if you move the mouse cursor around.

    The planet with the red square around it (map cursor) is not in the center of the map. In fact I can't see it anywhere.

    Click on the name of the planet on the info panel to the right of the map or press "C".

    The computer players cheat!

    Definitely not. The only difference between human players and computer players is the production rate. If you set it to 100%, then there is no advantage for computer players whatsoever (apart from their ability to calculate correctly, snigger). You can test it yourself: Load the last "before.thd" file, press Ctrl-P and choose a computer player. Then you can inspect the orders the computer player has given. This option may be excluded in later versions of TNT.

    I do not understand the bloody spy limit thing!

    Sure that you read the help text (F1)? It is much more elaborated than the rules text on my website. As a rule of thumb, you should care for a scan technology level at least as high as the highest cloak technology level in the game. Against computer player you can neglect increasing your own cloak level (at least that works for me).

    Aliens tend to land in my front garden since I began to play TNT.

    This is reported in rare cases, but I am not responsible for this. If there is a relation between TNT and alien landings it solely depends on the taste of the aliens themselves. Be sure to send me a picture of their space ship - I would like to enhance the graphics of TNT by using it for a better battle animation sequence.