Nobody left!
Nobody left!
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Last update: 04. 10. 2005

This is a small selection of websites related and unrelated to Ork:

Ork-Homepages (in German):
  • Slapstick's website..
  • Mailinglist for Ork. I recommend to subscribe to this list for any active Ork player. It is the official announcement medium.
  • MyOrktool - Sascha Adams and Jan Helge Zeysing have written a program to assist Ork players. It needs Windows and helps with the authoring of the orders. It is the inofficial standard. Up to now it is only available in German.
    Links to other games per email:
  • Schwert und Magie - I never played this game, but I look enviously at the screen shots.
  • Firetop Mountain - A very simple pbem (in English). Two wizards are gesturing with both hands and try to outwit one another.
  • Roman Mengs PBem-Seiten - A swiss website concerning pbem-games.
  • PbEM-Portal - A website concerning pbem-games in English.
    Other game- or fantasy-related links:
  • spielbox online - Former "KMWs Spielplatz", the websitze of Knut-Michael Wolf, the former chief editor of the Pöppelrevue (that being the standard of all German game magazines). Everybody who wants to know something about games besides pbem should visit this site.
  • Brettspielwelt - An incredible website, if you want to play online against other humans games like "Puerto Rico" or "Funkenschlag (Power Grid)".
  • Ancient Domains of Mystery - a website concerning a roguelike game named ADOM.
  • The General - Website of a quite good freeware strategy game (in English). At first it seems to be a risk clone, but that is not the case. The rules are simple (but explained very confusedly). The highlight is the rather good AI.
  • Name Generator by Johan Danforth - An interesting name generator for fantasy-names. I used it to generate the prenames for bit-orcs.
  • The Underdogs - a website concerning old and out-dated games. You can download forgotten gems there, like "Balance of Power" or "Elite Plus", games, which are public domain or freeware now.
    Other links:
  • Pegasus Mail - The best freeware mail program around.
  • Bart Klepka's remixes of PC-game soundtracks - Some remixes are not more than of average quality, but some are wonderful. I recommend "Master of Magic" and "We Build We Die".
  • My running page - my German website about one of the simplest action a human being can perform: running. Of course I wrote a program for it (or better: for recording training units).

    Download-page (German)