Altes Ork-Titelbild
Old front picture of the old printed manual

The Black Empire

Orcs. Tiny, louse-ridden, dirty beings created by black magic. Scorned, abused, or fought by everyone else they spent their life as servants of satanic powers for a long time, until they won their own empire - the BLACK EMPIRE.

No one could say everything was peaceful in the Black Empire until the infamous High King Kuon the Terrible died. However, peace is not part of the nature of the Empire's inhabitants. There is nothing the orc tribes love more than a neat and cunning raid, outnumbering the foe ten to one, if possible.

But after Kuon's death, chaos reigns. Even the dragons, obsessed with their treasure caves in normal times, have been stirred up by the battles and the stench of the dead, and they begin to haunt one or the other place. Therefore, the powerful priests of Khurrad, the Serpent God, are looking out for a strong new High King who provides a certain degree of stability for the Black Empire; stability for the priests so that they can continue to tax the ordinary orc for Khurrad's temple. Only peace - un-orcish as it may sound - permits the priests of the temple to grow fat and rich. A peace provided by a strong, cruel, despotic ruler.

The crown of the Black Empire means power and riches - the right thing for you, an aspiring chieftain of a yet unknown orc tribe. How's that? A little deception and violence at the right place, at the right time will easily allow you to destroy your rivals and have the High King crown be placed on your head by Illmir Steißschneider, the archpriest of the High Temple.