How to become a game master

To become game master, you need the Ork program. The full version costs 50 Euro, the shareware version is free. The program can generate English turn reports, but uses throughout itself the German language, and I do not plan to translate the menus, help files and so on.

Hints And Licensing

General Hints

Hardware: PC with Windows 95 b, Windows 98 or better; Windows NT 4 with service pack 4 or better, a lot of memory (minimum 32 MB, but the more the better). Graphics: At least 800x600 with 256 colours (640 x 480 works, too, but there may be ugly overlapping windows). Sound: no prerequisites.

Like every good Windows program Ork has a help file ORK.HLP. This file is in German only, and it can be read like a manual. To do this proceed as follows:

1. Create a directory for Ork (e. g.: C:\ORK).

2. Unpack the archive files in this directory.

3. Click on "ork.exe" (in the explorer).

4. Press F1 and click on "Inhalt" (content).

5. English explanations can be read in the document "Dokumentation", which can be created from Ork itself (main menu).

If a game master wants to lead a game, he can get an official game number from me, if the game conditions are regular (at least 10 players, normal settings).


1. The shareware version does not contain some advanced features.

Questions about the missing features will not be answered. The missing features are activated automatically, if the program finds a valid registration key.

2. The shareware version cannot produce a turn report for players with a higher number than eight.

3. The shareware version can be distributed freely.

4. If a game master wants to lead a game and does not perform that per snail mail, no turn fees are allowed. If turn reports are sent by paper and envelope via snail mail, the game master may charge one Euro plus postal charges per turn and player.

5. For the registration of the shareware version you have to send me 50 Euro (registration fee). I will send you a file with a registration key. This file has to be renamed to "ork.reg" and to be copied in the directory, in which "ork.exe" resides.

6. The registration is valid for all future versions of Ork. There is no claim for direct sending of updates; I will provide them on websites of my choice.

7. There is no claim to eliminate bugs, but I will try my very best.

8. It is forbidden to give away the registration key file.

Bank details: Please ask for them by e-mail.

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