Spy: "Hmmmm... I see nothing!
This FAQ was written by Thomas Naumann (khurrad@khurrad.de).

English translation by Jan Zeysing, Kay-Viktor Stegemann, and others.

Updated: 28. 09. 2005


A. General topics
B. Technical topics
C. War
D. Heroes and artifacts
D1. Dungeon
E. Improvements
F. Magic
G. Taxes, sales and budget
H. Miscellaneous questions
I. Hints for my players

A. General topics

What is a FAQ?

"FAQ" is an abbreviation for "Frequently Asked Questions" and a document where these questions are answered.

What is Ork?

Ork is a strategic game (ok - some people think it is an entertaining game of luck - the truth will be somewhere between these two assessments). A game will be played by 20 to 30 players who send the orders for their turns via email or snail mail. It takes place in the "Black Empire", a realm in which Ork are the dominating race. Each player impersonates the leader of an orcal tribe.

The Ork program is shareware. Only the game master needs this software.

How to play Ork?

There are some gamemasters ("GM") who offer Ork games. Search in google for it or look up a link in the link list on http://www.khurrad.de.

Where to get a manual and the Ork program?

a) manual:

There are some web pages for Ork. The official homepage is:


This page can be reached via "http://ork.here.de" as well.

On this webpage you'll find links to other Ork pages.

b) Ork program

The newest version of the Ork program can be downloaded from the official Ork homepage.

c) Licensed version

You should download the Shareware version first. In the help file you'll find all needed information on copyright and licencing.

B. Technical topics

My email address has changed. How can I inform my GM?

I assume that the GM has configured the Ork program in such a way that the reports will be sent by the internal email module automatically. If this is the case the following applies:

A change of email addresses can be done in the command file that you send the GM with your turn orders by using the meta command "#EMAIL". Let's assume that player 13, using his password "passwd", wants to change the email address to "Bruellaffe@teuer-online.de". For this he should add the line "#EMAIL 13 Bruellaffe@teuer-online.de passwd" (e.g. in front of the #BEF meta command). If he plays more than one game he has to do it in every game he plays in. There is no reason for not setting your email address every single turn.

I want somebody else to get a carbon copy of my report.

Ork for Windows has a special meta command (#CC) to achieve this. For details see explanation of meta commands.

How can I print my report to include all umlauts, control chars for bold, underline and so on?

Order your Ork reports in HTML format and read (and print) them by using an internet browser (MS Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator for example). You do this by issuing the meta command "#DRUMF <PlayerNo> HTML <password>". Example: "#DRUMF 13 HTML passwd". Normally HTML is the default setting for reports.

Is it possible to make ORK inflect my name correctly (dative, accusative, ...))?

ORK can inflect names if you tell the program how it should be done. The syntax for doing this is that complex that there isn't any documentation on it. Instead of a description of the syntax an example:

Der|gdes|ddem|aden Orkestergraben|g~s

Ok, now some explanation for this example: If a word contains vertical lines ("|"), Ork assumes that this word has to be inflected. Everything that is in front of the line will be used if no special case is chosen. The character directly behind the vertical line indicates for which case the following should be used ("N": nominative, "G": genitive, "D": dative, "A":accusative). A ~ will be substituted by the part that stands directly before the vertical line.

If you need the genitive from the example above, Ork will use "des" for the first word since before it is a vertical line with a following "g" for genitive. For the second word "Orkestergrabens" will be used since after the "|g" combination for genitive the ~ will be substituted by "Orkestergraben" and a "s" follows.

Why did a messages that I have sent with the "#MV" meta command didn't reach its receiver?

There can be some reasons for it. Most likely the sender was given but not the password. You can send messages without your password - but in that case you can't give the sender information. So you have to use "#MV 17" or "#MV 17 19 passwd".

How to judge whether a message is "real" or not?

Ork for Windows delimits messages by three dashes ("---"). The first line of a message is automatically generated by Ork for Windows and says "From anonymous" or "From someone of somewhere". By trying and appropriate knowledge of the orcish preformat the sender could be faked. But it is not possible to fake the delimiting lines since these are ignored in messages. In other words: if a message is not the first in your personal messages or the "messages to the world" there has to be a delimiting line directly before the boldly printed sender - otherwise the sender is faked. A ramification of this is that it is not possible to create a message that contains a line with just three dashes (even if you try to trick Ork by using control chars or things like that).

How can I give the correct #BEF meta command?

It is really fascinating how many players have problems giving the correct #BEF line. It is quite easy: the correct #BEF line for the next turn is shown in the header of your current report. Just copy it!

What's the difference between "command" and "meta command"?

Meta commands are all these "commands" that start with a hash ("#"). You control the technical or "housekeeping" aspects of the game by these. Commands (or orders) are the directions you give your advisors to lead your tribe. They are part of the game. You can get an overview on the meta commands by giving the "#DRUMF <PlayerNo> KDO <passwd>" meta command.

What about upper and lower case?

Upper and lower case doesn't matter with Ork. Even not with passwords.

In which places are commas, spaces and so on allowed and in which forbidden?

Parameters for orders can be separated by any combination of comma and space you like. This means "KS 50 1200" isas valid as "KS 50, 1200" or "KS , ,50 ,, 1200". After the leading hash ("#") and the meta command spaces are strcitly forbidden (never "# BEF" but "#BEF"). If you use commands which take parameters with letters and parameters with digits and a parameter with letters meets a parameter with digits you don't need to insert commas or spaces. Example: "HD 1 S345 F3" is valid. "EE ARENLIBR" is invalid (correct: "EE AREN LIBR").

I have sent my commands (by mail) but I want to change them.

It depends on the GM of your game whether this works or not. You should send your command file again and you should include an information in the subject that these are changed orders (possibly the number of the change as well). If you change commands you have to send the complete command file again - not just the changed command.

Must I give the "#DRUMF" meta command every single turn?

That depends what you want to change by the #DRUMF meta command. See the description of the "#DRUMF" meta command for this. Some parameters are permanent, some are not; these last just for one turn.

I don't want to get my report compressed.

You can use the #PACK meta command for this. Example:

"#PACK 13 - passwd"

This turns off ("-") compression for player 13.

Ork for Windows uses the ZIP compression format.

How do I get the email address of the player in 341?

You'll have to ask him (by a personal message). If you want contact between the turns you have to ensure that you can be reached. The GM is not responsible for that. And diplomacy is part of the game.

C. War

Is it possible to make more than one campaign with the main army in one year?


Some players use the HB command. What is it? How does it work?

The HB command is the predecessor of the UN, RG, RS, BU and BV (the campaign commands) commands. It is still valid. The syntax of this old command is not very player-friendly therefore it was substituted by its 5 successors.

If you still want to use it, you have to use the following syntax:

HB <castle> <defenders> <gold for mercenaries> [0 <support>|1|2|3|4] <path>

The type of campaign is given by the number in the square brackets:
0 <support>Support
1Gold raid
2Slave raid


HB 17 100 2000 3 18 19 20

The army from 17 marches over 18 and 19 to 20 and tries to subjugate ("3") the tribe there, leaving 100 defenders and hiring mercenaries for 2000 goldears.

HB 17 100 2000 0 45 18 19 20

The army from 17 marches over 18 and 19 to 20 and supports the army from 45 ("0 45"), leaving 100 defenders and hiring mercenaries for 2000 goldears.

I want to attack 342 with my main army. There resides my arch enemy. I will teleport to his castle. What happens if he attacks me with his main army at the same time?

Only the strongest army (supporters included) will be able to launch its attack. The other army will defend its homeland (without supporters - these won't participate in such surprising forced marches back). The two armies don't have to meet physically in one area. Just the fact that two main armies will siege each other is enough to make the weaker one of these the defender. This is due to some internal game logic: otherwise it would be possible that A becomes vassal to B and at the same time B becomes vassal to A.

Does the AC command work against raids as well?


Does the castle class help against raids?


I want to support another army with my main army. Do the catapults of my main army support the attack?

No. Just the catapults of the attack leading army are close enough to the castle walls to inflict any damage.

I want to support another army with my main army. Can the golem of my main army destroy the screen of the defender?

No. Just the golem from the attack leading army can cut the screen like paper.

Do monsters (golems, molochs, colossi) count for supporting armies as well?

The doubling of army strength by golems and colossi (for attack/defence) counts also for supporting armies. A golem/colossus influences only the army which have this monster with them of course. Molochs throw their grenades whether their army leads the attack or just supports it.

I have already produced some monsters (golems, colossi, molochs); they are just in stock. Can I allocate them to an army and use them in the same turn?

Yes. The allocation of monsters happens just after the EB command.

Will there be a fight between golem (moloch) and colossus if only a raid is done?


The weather forecast says that mountains cannot be entered. What does this mean?

You cannot enter mountain terrain, which means you cannot move into it. But you can start your movement from mountain terrain. And you can teleport into mountain terrain as well. And - as stated in the report - armies that live in castles with mountain terrain just ignore these obstructions; they can move as usual.

A has sent an army to support B. But before the support came into place, A was pillaged. Why doesn't the army of A support B? It wasn't at the place where the pillaging happened!

Correct, but... Pillage is magic, nothing physical. And the magic of this pillage is such that the target tribe is completely razed. This includes all armies from that tribe that are on the move.

If I get a golem by the special mission to investigate an area: will I get the bonus of this golem during that campaign?

Yes. You can investigate the given area and march on to the evil enemy who will be confronted with the newly gained strength from your golem.

Are druufelbatz and shredding additional?

No. If an army has both just the druufelbatz will be used.

If an army is only partially equipped with carts: does it count?

Yes. That part of the army that is equipped with carts will only pay the reduced costs, the rest of the army the full costs.

If I ask a bit-orc for support with the FU command, will this army have problems by entering terrains during snow, rain or storm?

No. These armies don't move, they will be teleported (without using a teleport spell). Therefore snow, rain and storm as well as other restrictions for movement don't apply for these armies.

What happens if I give an FU command successfully but just do a support campaign with my main army?

The army of the bit-orc will support you by defending your main castle.

What happens if I want to support an army of my ally and make a support campaign to his main castle?

Your army will support your ally by defending his main castle. In a more general way: If you support with your army A an army B it can be done at two places: at the home of army B (for defence) or at the target of army B's campaign (for attack).

Do movement restrictions caused by weather apply to bit-orcs as well?

Yes. But not if the army has to follow a FU command. In that case the army will be teleported to its target ignoring any movement restriction.

An army has veteran status. I move all soldiers away from that castle. Next year I recruit new soldiers. What happens?

The army has normal status again. Everytime at the end of turn the internal markers for the status of an army are reset if the castle is empty.

If I raid a tribe (gold raid or slave raid) that own 3 gold purses - Do I get one purse or all three purses if I win the battle?

Just one.

My report in HTML format shows in the table of sieges and raids some area names bold and some even underlined. What does this mean?

This is a small service from Ork. Bold areas are controlled by human players. If they are underlined they are even tribal areas of human players.

D. Heroes and artifacts

Which attributes of heroes are accumulative?

Every attribute that has a number after the attribute token. For example a ring with "MAtt3" and a sword with "MAtt2" add to "MAtt5".

At which time will the heroes army strength factor and the XArmy-value be added to the army strength factor?

This will be done directly after the modification by golems, colossi and so on.

If my hero wants to use an artifact at a place where he already wears something, do I have to deposit the other artifact? What if the artifact to equip is worn by another hero?

In both cases it is sufficient to use the "A" subcommand for the hero who wants to equip the artifact. The deposition will be done automatically by Ork. The explicit deposition of an artifact is only needed if the artifact should be put into the treasure chest. In any other case it is sufficient to say Ork what to do with the artifact (equip, export, melt, ...).

My hero is able to equip more than one artifact per turn. How can I order him to do so?

Issue the A sub command more than once. Example: Hero 3 should equip 3 artifacts 17, 223 and 89. The command is:

HD 3 A 17 A 223 A 89.

Is it possible to create a key for a golden chest in that year in which the hero will reach level eight?

No. The increase in level will come too late.

The manual states that more than one hero are needed for creating a key. Are these heroes lost if I create the key?


The values for heroes which I see in one of my espionage reports differ from those which are shown in the heroes ranking table in the general report.

The heroes ranking table is built at the end of turn. Between the time of espionage and heroes ranking the effect of arenas takes place which could lead to an increase in the values of the hero. Otherwise the espionage report is exact regarding heroes - although not always complete.

After introducing heroes to Ork, 5 commands per turn were added. Do I have to use these for hero commands?

No. By the way: the 5 additional commands are not a fixed rule. The number of allowed commands per turn is set by the game master (GM). I think 25 commands per turn are appropriate if you play with heroes - but there may be game masters which think that more (or even less) commands are more appropriate.

Will the heroes' army strength factor be used even with the AC command?

Yes. The army strength factor of all defending heroes will be added to the army strength factor of the defending army. Afterwards it will be doubled by the AC.

Which hero will make the duel if my castle is attacked?

The first hero of your heroes roster (as given in your report), who was ordered to defend will make the duel. Please note: the P subcommand (which changes places of heroes) will be too late to make changes for the current turn.

Why doesn't my hero gain any experience points?

If a hero makes just easy fights you will see messages like "that was an easy battle". After some of these messages your hero will only gain half of the experience points. After some more messages of this type he won't get any experience points at all. A battle counts as easy if your hero has 90% of his body points at the end of the battle. A battle counts as hard if the hero has less than 50% of his B-value at the end of battle. After fighting a hard battle the internal "easy battles" counter will be reset to 0. Duels between heroes always count as "normal" battles.

D1. Dungeon

Is the game balance influenced by the dungeon?

Yes. The dungeon allows the buildup of better heroes. Especially there are some new heroes attributes (SCAN, ZEN, ARMS) which can only be gained in the dungeon. Also it is much easier to get treasures - not only for heroes.

Has every game the same dungeon?

No. It is just like Diablo 1. There are quite a lot of quests from which some are set. From the others a random number will be chosen and placed into the dungeon.

Is the dungeon for every player in one game the same?

Yes. For some quests the solutions differ but the map of the dungeon - including monsters and treasures - is just the same for each player in one game.

Do heroes of different players interact in the dungeon?

No. That would be quite difficult to code and didn't lead to satisfying results.

Do other heroes snatch something away from me?

No. I admit that it is somewhat magical but if a foreign hero gains the holy grail your hero is still able to gain the holy grail as well. There is just one small and marginal exception...

Is it possible to send more than one hero into the Dungeon?

No (at least not at the same time).

Is it possible that my hero dies in the dungeon?

Yes. If a) your hero enters a cavern which is inhabited by a monster (and this monster wins the battle) or b) the hero provocates an inhabitant and this inhabitant wins a battle. It is not possible that the hero dies "by accident". It is quite easy for experienced ork players to play secure - but you won't get the optimal result by doing so.

Do I have to make a map of the dungeon?

No. Ork keeps a protocol for each player and automatically shows a map. This map helps also in playing secure. If you see a ? on the map, you can enter the cavern without any risk (at least for the first time). You'll always (at least at the first time) get a chance to retreat. If you see a M on the map, you have to check if your hero will kill the monster or vice versa.

Is it possible to withdraw a hero from the dungeon?

Yes. Just don't give a quest command (HQ) for this hero. You can use any kind of HD command for that hero - as usual.

I have collected some quest items like keys and so on. If I withdraw this hero or he dies or I use another hero to enter the dungeon: are the quest items lost?


Is killing monsters everything that will be done in the dungeon?

No. There are some quests to be solved as well.

Is there just one possible solution for quests in the dungeon?

For some yes, for some no. I've tried (in contrast to Diablo 1) to create a network of quests and to open alternative solutions to the quests. And I am addicted to oddities and have therefore created some side effects which won't be seen easily. An example: in one cavern you'll meet a dwarf who is looking after his missed brother. Of course you can give him the letter of his brother which you've found before (the normal solution). But you can also tie him up and take him as carrier. This has consequences for three other quests. Some are good and some are bad...

If I am offered different options (HQ <HeroNo> A <option>), do I have to choose one of these?

No. Instead of choosing one option you can also ignore them and keep on going - at least if it isn't explicitly said otherwise (but that isn't coded yet).

Is it possible to duel with heroes which are in the dungeon?

No. This is another strategical point which should be taken into account if and whom you want to send into the dungeon.

I was asked in which area X resides. But X was pillaged. What shall I do?

Answer where X resided before he was pillaged.

If caverns on the map don't have a shown way from one to the other but are adjacent - is it sure that there is no way between them?

The map is done automatically. If you had the chance to see whether there is a connection between the two caverns or not and you don't see any there is none. If you see the cavern from the neighbouring cavern you won't see all connections from that cavern.

Does my hero start each turn at the dungeon entrance? Should I give the movement from the entrance or from the place the hero was last turn?

From the place your hero was last turn.

If I enter the dungeon in one year with my first hero and in the next year with my second - will he find exactly the same dungeon and monsters?

Yes. The caverns (even the quest items) are exactly the same as they were seen and collected by the first hero.

E. Improvements

Does the effect of tribal improvements occur just once?

No. The improvement effects take place every year. A witch hut for example has every year the chance to attract new mages or increase the magic level. Some effects are to keep a status in place (libraries for example increase the maximum science level by one - as long as they exist). These effects are in place for every year - but they dont accumulate. A single library won't increase the science level by 2 in the second year of its existence.

How are the requirements for improvements checked? Let's assume I want to build 5 arenas: which way is the correct one?

1. It is checked whether 200 soldiers are available. One arena is built and 10 soldiers are "removed". Afterwards it will be checked whether still 200 soldiers are available. If so, the second arena will be built. And so on...

2. It is checked whether 200 soldiers are available. If so 5 arenas are built.

No. 1 is correct.

I have already 3 arenas and I want to use "EE AREN AREN ARS" in one year to build two arenas first and afterwards the arsenal. Is that possible?

Yes (if the game master didn't change the requirement of 5 arenas for the building of an arsenal). The parameters of the EE command will be processed from left to right.

Is it possible to tear down improvements?


What happens if I can't pay the yearly costs of an improvement?

The improvements of this type will be "out of order" for this year. If you can't pay the costs for a single improvement of one type (e.g. witch hut) all improvements of this type (all witch huts) are out of order for this year and the effect of this improvement won't take place this year.

Will the automatic enslavement and creating of leather take place if you know the appropriate secret commands (RP3 and AL) for the costs of improvements?

Yes, since September 13th, 1997, for games led by me and for Ork versions greater or equal 2.71c for all other game masters.

Are the soldiers gained by the arsenal recruited (decreasing the number of peasants) or do they come "from nothing"?

They come "from nothing".

I have a needle tower and one vassal. Is it right that my vassal can only use "Khurrads sledge" to get free if he also owns a needle tower?

Yes. In that case the needle towers would cancel each other. If the vassal doesn't have a needle tower but the overlord has, "Khurrads sledge" doesn't work.

F. Magic

In which sequence are spells cast?

That depends. Some specific spells (e.g. pillage) will be cast when needed (e.g. after a successful subjugation. Other spells are cast quite lately in the sequence of commands (e.g. Hare or Khurrad's grace). If these spells are processed the ZZ spells come first and afterwards the SR spells (scrolls). The sequence in these categories is randomly determined.

Which spells are specific?

Screen (before movement)
Illusion (before movement)
Teleport (before movement)
Backdoor (before movement)
Pillage (after movement, during the campaign)
Anti magic (at start of turn)
Gaunars Screen (before movement)

Who doesn't know "Gaunars Screen" should keep still and wait. It is a special spell which is not available at the start of the game.

At what time the adder blood for the spell will be spent?

It will be spent at the time the spell is cast. For most spells this is after the harvest of new adder blood. But for the special spells (like pillage) which are not cast at the "normal spell time" the harvest of new adder blood will be to late to provide the adder blood needed for that spell.

Is it possible to cast a spell (ZZ) in the same turn in that I use the magical pen (MG)?

Yes. But of course the spell memorized with ZZ won't be transfered to a scroll.

Is it possible to increase the castle level of a castle that I enhance to level 2 manually (EB) by casting fortress to level 3?


G. Taxes, sales and budget

What does the "(=ST n)" in my report mean?

"n" is that tax rate which would be optimal at the moment. That is the highest possible tax rate which will have the same effect on the calculation of additional merchants as a tax rate of 0%. The value of "n" is related to the number of branches in your area (0 branches means n equals 0).

In which sequence VK, VX, AV and AX are processed?

In exactly this sequence: VK, VX, AV und AX.

I want to sell salt with the VK command as well as with the VX command. Is that possible? And by the way: how many VK and VX commands can I issue per year?

The manual says for VK: VK [5*]. This means that you can issue 5 VK commands, but the first parameter (the product code) has to be different. For VX says the manual VX[5]. This means that you can issue 5 VX commands and the first parameter (the area where your branch is) can be even the same for different VX commands. VK and VX are completely independent. You can issue 10 VK and VX commands (5 VK and 5 VX) per year and it doesn't matter whether you've already sold a product with VK. Ok, somehow it does matter: You can't sell your product twice.

I have a tax bonus of 11%. I want to circumvent a tax shock but want to increase taxes. What is the highest possible tax rate: 30% or 41% (30% tax shock limit plus 11% bonus)?

41%. The tax bonus counts since version 2.71 to the calculation of the tax shock limit.

I have a tax rate of 29% and I want to increase it for the next year to 34% (utilizing the tax tolerance that circumvents a tax shock) and afterwards to 99%. That should not lead to a tax shock since the merchants are used to a tax rate higher than 30%, should it?

No. There would be a tax shock. As soon as you raise your taxes by more than 5% and the tax rate goes over 30% (meaning at least 31%, tax bonus taken into calculation) you will get a tax shock. The increase to 34% doesn't create a shock, the increase to 99% does.

Although I didn't change anything the taxes gained from the merchants decrease continously.

If you take relatively high taxes your merchants learn to evade tax. The amount of evaded tax will not be shown (as in real life). It will increase over the game and it will increase above average if you use higher tax rates.

In the list of merchant branches the price for tincture is shown as 2485 goldears at my branch in Achimbergen. Is it sure that I will get 2485 goldears for the VX command?

No. You can be sure that your merchants will sell the product for 2485 goldears at your branch in Achimbergem. From this money the local tax for the tribe leader of Achimbergen will be subtracted. Let's assume that the local tax is 10%. The local leader will get 249@ and you will get the remaining 2236@. By the way: your budget will be reduced by the whole amount of the transaction: 2485@.

If you ever question yourself about the part of taxes in selling over branches you should take the following into mind: "taxes are annoying".

If I have built a branch and the player moves to another area, do I keep my branch?


H. Miscellaneous

Why don't you get any information on the terrain on which you build an orcen outpost?

The orcs in the orcen outpost know, which terrain they inhabit, not you. Orcen outposts are built with the FaF method (fire and forget): You order them to build an outpost and the first time you see them again is when you march with your army through that area. And then you'll know on what terrain type you are.

If I use BB on someone, is the DT command forbidden for him as well?

No, just the DR command.

Is something like "bad luck in battle" possible at caravan raids as well?

Yes. Just sieges are excluded from "bad/good luck in battle".

I want to ambush a caravan from 11 to 50 (KW 50 1000). The rules state that the caravan will be ambushed on its way back. Does this mean that my HI command should be HI 50, 11, 30 (since the way back is from 50 to 11)?

No. HI 11, 50, 30 is the correct command for this. You virtually copy the KW command.

Is it possible to circumvent requirements for gaining a title (e.g. castle class 3 for Count) if I use leap promotions?

No, it isn't possible. The words "leap promotion" sound like "leaping" but that isn't the case. It just means that you are allowed to be promoted more than once in a year. Each promotion will be done - and its requirements checked - step by step.

Example: somebody is Margrave with castle level 2 and one successful slave raid. He can't be promoted to Blood Count since he hasn't fulfilled the requirement "castle level 3" for the rank of Count in between.

If the program checks whether my soldiers are sufficient to keep my peasants in check: do the soldiers in all my castles count?


What will be deducted first: orcs for the adder pits or orcs for the yearly costs of the improvement buildings?

The orcs for the adder pits.

At which time gold mines and adder pits are built?

First all production sites will be built, after this gold mines and then adder pits.

At which time the revenue from gold mines and adder pits will be added?

Directly after the revenue from the "normal" production sites.

Can I use the RP3 secret command in the same year I will get it for exporting the salt to my "buddy"?


Last year I got from my crazy offspring scientists exactly the same hint for solving the C-products riddle as I got this year!

That is no bug but a result from the fact that orcish scientist are very close-mouthed and don't share their findings. Sometimes this leads to inventing the wheel more than once.

I am hunted by bad random incidents. Is there anything I can do against it? It takes all the fun out of the game!

The so called random incidents are related to the faith level and the faith ranking. A high priest with a faith level of 99 will hardly see a bad incident. If you don't work on your faith you can't complain that fate (or better Khurrad) doesn't love you.

At which time the CH command will be executed?

Directly after the SG command.

During an eviction: Are the soldiers from the main castle relocated as well?


What happens to my gold treasure if the number of gold purses is decreased during a turn (e.g. due to a raid)?

Up to version 2.74b the additional gold purse percentage was calculated at the moment of any income. If you had a gold purse percentage von 20% before and 10% after a raid every income before the raid would have been raised by 20% and every income after the raid by 10%. You can think of it like emptying the gold purses every second. After version 2.74b the gold purse percentage is calculated at the end of the turn. This is good for robbers and bad for the bereft.

In the "Comparison of the Black Empire" I am at the last position in army strength. At the same time I get a notoriety point for the highest army strength!

For the "Comparison of the Black Empire" the sum of all your soldiers multiplied by the army strength factors (ASF) of their castle will be taken into account. Regarding the notoriety point for the highest ASF sum the number of soldiers doesn't count; only the ASFs will be added. That means that just quality counts.

I. Hints for my players

These hints are only valid for games which are mastered by me (Thomas Naumann) which are since 7/5/2004 just not open accessible games. I recommend all other Game Masters to adopt these rules which result from bad experiences on my side.

1. Who doesn't send in his first turn, is dropped out.

2. Who has to NMR in succession is dropped out.

3. A NMR is if a command file did not reach me until the set time. If I get my emails later and the command file reached me meanwhile the command file will be counted as valid.

4. Only the player is responsible for delivering the command file to me.

5. If you get a NMR you'll normally get a computer generated turn. If I feel like doing it, I will make a NMR turn manually trying to do it as good as possible. It makes no sense at all to protest against NMR turns.

6. Lex Großkreutz: Who disturbs the GM over the limit or other players (e.g. by calling them at 3 o'clock in the morning) will be expelled from all Ork games.

7. Black press is forbidden. Black press are messages which are signed by a faked player. If you use a fictional name which is quite similar to another real player you may be cunning - but you risk that I also misjudge the name and take it for black press.

8. Disgusting messages are not wanted. A clear language may be orcish but shouldn't be over exaggerated. If this is overdone you may be dropped off. This includes messages that are connected to the "real life" or include racism or other disgusting things.

9. It is not allowed to use dummies. A dummy is a person that doesn't want to play Ork by itself but only gives commands that help another player. Example: your girl friend.

10. Players should use appropriate subjects for the emails containing their commands. It would be great to get subjects like this:

GAMEnn -Turn xx

where nn is substituted by the game number and xx by the turn number. GAME39 - Turn 17 would be good. I don't like subjects like KHURRAD.TXT or "MYCOMMANDS YOUR CHOICE OF GAME AND TURN".

It's ok to get subjects like "Re: O039S007.Z17" or "Re:O039S007Z017.ZIP". This allows me to identify the right game as well. Even "Ork39" would be better than nothing.

11. You are only allowed to rename yourself and provinces which are controlled by yourself. It's just a "small sin" to break this rule but if you keep it it will be much more pleasant for everyone (except for you, maybe).