Example for a turn report

The mail with the game turn orders:

Hi Thomas,

here are some orders again. Have fun with them!

Yours, Anthony.
#mv 2 1 wigak38

We may exchange a branch with your miserable tribe, if you crawl
on the floor and kiss Our feet gingerly.

Next turn?

Greetings, Anthony.
#email 6 Bidall@Bidally.de
#BEF 221 1 1 wigak38
TE 100                      
VK 7 197                    
RP 152 2                    
RP 152 1                    
KW 302 1000                 
HD 2 F 6 D 499 XA 1 XV 1 H 1
SM 10 1200
RP 152 2
RP 152 1
RP 152 8
HD 1 F 8 D 92 XA 1 XV 1 H 2
HD 3 F 8 D 83 XA 1 XV 1 H 2
UN B 152 V 100 S 80 U 152 W 122 123 94 93 62
OH 183 3 
SP 181 50
SP 121 50
SP 151 50
SP 182 50
SP 153 50


The turn report:

Rank, Status Orders Tribe data Stock of products Heroes Monsters province index (production) Province index (military) Your advisor reports Movements Battles After battles Espionage etc. From abroad Slave market Sieges Raids Caravans From society Gollum-/fame ranking Message to all
+---------+        Ein Postspiel von
| O  R  K |        Thomas Naumann, 24147 Kiel
+---------+        Email: khurrad@khurrad.de

Ork: http://www.khurrad.de, http://www.orkspiel.de
TNT: http://www.nebulathrone.de
Laufen: http://www.lust-am-laufen.de
Ork program version 3.10 beta; latest changes: 28. 09. 2005
Report from 2005-10-2, 18:33 h

Ork 221, Year 1, player 1
Deadline: Saturday, Juni 05th, 2004, 24:00 h
Game name: Farseer (7-day-deadlines)
Name: Ollum (change: "#UMS 1 newName WIGAK38")
Password: WIGAK38 (change: "#PASSWORT 1 newPassword WIGAK38"; no password: "#KEINPASSWORT 1 WIGAK38")
Real name: Anthony Biddall
Email address: Biddall@Biddally.de (change: "#EMAIL 1 new@address.com WIGAK38")
Number of commands: 25
Next #BEF command: #BEF 221 2 1 WIGAK38

Your commands:

TE 100                                SM 10 1200
VK 7 197                              RP 152 2
RP 152 2                              RP 152 1
RP 152 1                              RP 152 8
KW 302 1000                           HD 1 F 8 D 92 XA 1 XV 1 H 2
HD 2 F 6 D 499 XA 1 XV 1 H 1          HD 3 F 8 D 83 XA 1 XV 1 H 2
UN B 152 V 100 S 80 U 152 W 122 123 94 93 62
OH 183 3                              SP 151 50
SP 181 50                             SP 182 50
SP 121 50                             SP 153 50

Your advisor reports:

Tribe Supply
soldiers100- 200- 100
peasants500-- 500
slaves100-- 100
merchants100600- 100
After tribal upkeep this year you have 197 fu and 3 375 goldears left.
For 197 u fu your merchants pay 1 182 goldears.
After sales, you have 4 557 goldears - compared to the average of all human players, this is 97.39 per cent.

Recruitment and supply
1521004 (-80 G)50000----1.4
Ar:Area; Mo: Moral; A: Armour; W: Weapons; Bo: Booze; Cat: Catapults; FArr: Fire arrows; ASF:
Army strength factor; Lt: Leather; Ir: Iron; G: Gold.

A mage arrives in your tribe.
Your magic level increases to 10 (1 011 g would have been sufficient).
The production sites are established as you commanded (expenses: 1 200 G, 40 peasants, and 30 slaves).

Duel in Speerhain (92)!
The following heroes are involved:

Moroner Teerts Krustenrupfer (A7, D8, M7, B9/9) from Bierschiss (152)

Moroner Knururuk Meuchelspeier (A8, D7, M7, B8/8) from Speerhain (92)

1st Combat Round
Teerts Krustenrupfer - K: 9; attack: 2; defense: 8
Knururuk Meuchelspeier - K: 8; attack: 3; defense: 5
2nd Combat Round
Teerts Krustenrupfer - K: 9; attack: 4; defense: 4
Knururuk Meuchelspeier - K: 8; attack: 7; defense: 7
Teerts Krustenrupfer loses physical strength (now 6).
Teerts Krustenrupfer is below the escape limit and tries to escape.
Teerts Krustenrupfer: The escape attempt has failed.
3rd Combat Round
Teerts Krustenrupfer - K: 6; attack: none; defense: 5
Knururuk Meuchelspeier - K: 8; attack: 2; defense: 5
Teerts Krustenrupfer flees.
Your hero gains 5 experience points.

Duel in Bierschiss (152)!
The following heroes are involved:

Moroner Prak Kupferscheußler (A8, D7, M7, B9/9) from Unomammia (718)

Moroner Teerts Krustenrupfer (A7, D8, M7, B9/9) from Bierschiss (152)

1st Combat Round
Prak Kupferscheußler - K: 9; attack: 3; defense: 3
Teerts Krustenrupfer - K: 9; attack: 6; defense: 6
Prak Kupferscheußler loses physical strength (now 6).
Prak Kupferscheußler is below the escape limit and tries to escape.
Prak Kupferscheußler flees.
Your hero gains 10 experience points.
Your opponent had no treasure for you to take.

Duel in Rubbelhütte (83)!
The following heroes are involved:

Moroner Grushnukh Gnomspeier (A8, D9, M9, B9/9) from Bierschiss (152)

Moroner Pigdush Niederzorn (A8, D9, M7, B9/9) from Rubbelhütte (83)

1st Combat Round
Grushnukh Gnomspeier - K: 9; attack: 8; defense: 1
Pigdush Niederzorn - K: 9; attack: 6; defense: 2
Grushnukh Gnomspeier loses physical strength (now 4).
Pigdush Niederzorn loses physical strength (now 3).
Grushnukh Gnomspeier is below the escape limit and tries to escape.
Pigdush Niederzorn is below the escape limit and tries to escape.
Grushnukh Gnomspeier flees.
Pigdush Niederzorn: The escape attempt has failed.
Your hero gains 5 experience points.

Duel in woodenship (499)!
The following heroes are involved:

Moroner Kenk Lappenpuster (A8, D9, M7, B7/7) from Bierschiss (152)

Moroner Shakh Pesthasser (A6, D8, M10, B7/7) from woodenship (499)

1st Combat Round
Kenk Lappenpuster - K: 7; attack: 5; defense: 7
Shakh Pesthasser - K: 7; attack: 6; defense: 1
Shakh Pesthasser loses physical strength (now 3).
Shakh Pesthasser is below the escape limit and tries to escape.
Shakh Pesthasser flees.
Your hero gains 10 experience points.
This was a very easy victory for your hero.
Your opponent had no treasure for you to take.

Duel in Bierschiss (152)!
The following heroes are involved:

Moroner Riol Lungenpeitscher (A8, D7, M9, B9/9) from Schweißklotzen (239)

Moroner Teerts Krustenrupfer (A7, D8, M7, B9/9) from Bierschiss (152)

1st Combat Round
Riol Lungenpeitscher - K: 9; attack: 3; defense: 1
Teerts Krustenrupfer - K: 9; attack: 3; defense: 1
Riol Lungenpeitscher loses physical strength (now 7).
Teerts Krustenrupfer loses physical strength (now 7).
Riol Lungenpeitscher is below the escape limit and tries to escape.
Teerts Krustenrupfer is below the escape limit and tries to escape.
Riol Lungenpeitscher flees.
Teerts Krustenrupfer: The escape attempt has failed.
Your hero gains 10 experience points.
Your opponent had no treasure for you to take.
Your priests are grateful for the 100 goldears. Your faith level increases by 2 points.
You deploy 100 defenders in Bierschiss (152).

Your army from Bierschiss (152):

- to Leichenhütte (122):
Supply costs: 0 G.
Terrain: forest; Controlled by: nobody; no castle.
Guarding monster: Buxom Lady (A12, D9, M8, B16/16, E94 - Stomp, Anti-Cool).
You gain control of Leichenhütte (122).

- to Onkelsenke (123):
Supply costs: 2 G.
Terrain: forest; Controlled by: Flanai Kreischklaue; no castle.
Guarding monster: Squeek Bug (A2, D3, M1, B3/3, E8).
You take control of Onkelsenke (123) from Flanai Kreischklaue.

- to Gramasche (94):
Supply costs: 7 G.
Terrain: plain; Controlled by: nobody; no castle.
Guarding monster: Neidar (A7, D7, M7, B10/10, E45).
You gain control of Gramasche (94).
When your army moves through this area, an observant soldier sees a small bag which seems to be enclosed in a power sphere.
If you want to take a closer look at this, you should let a campaign (not a support campaign) end in this area.

- to Taubenmund (93):
Supply costs: 21 G.
Terrain: plain; Controlled by: nobody; no castle.
Guarding monster: War Camel (A6, D4, M15, B6/6, E59 - Poison1, Stun).
You gain control of Taubenmund (93).

- to Rubbelquell (62):
Supply costs: 64 G.
Terrain: swamp; Controlled by: nobody; no castle.
Guarding monster: Halfling (A3, D3, M8, B3/3, E12).
Losses due to movement - soldiers: 0, mercenaries: 1.
You gain control of Rubbelquell (62).

Your army from Bierschiss (152) cannot support its own campaign, so it does not do anything in Rubbelquell (62).

Caravan to Larvengau (302):
You spend 15 u wood for the caravan carts.
The caravan has earned 3 079 goldears.

A caravan from Larvenlust (363) pays taxes of 887 goldears.

The number of your peasants increases by 76 orcs.
The number of your slaves increases by 4 creatures.
Your merchants pay a total of 2 323 goldears in taxes.
2 new merchants hope for fat profits in your tribe.
Your flock of pigs grows by 6 pigs.
Not magic, but hard work (not yours of course): a harvest of 1 002 fu (1.87 per peasant orc).
Your slaves collect a harvest of 92 fu (1.24 per orc).
For an outpost in Schwerthain (183) you use 150 goldears and appoint 3 of your tribal army soldiers.
You have established an outpost in Schwerthain (183) (forest).

You can also use the XA command to sell treasures. You do this by specifying "0" as target area. You will receive a modest sum of gold depending on the value of the treasure.
The archpriest of the Black Empire loves great armies of brave orc rulers stomping across the Black Empire. Then he feels that the time of peace, the time of a new High King, and the time of riches and luxuries for the priests approaches.
To encourage the leaders, Illmir Steißschneider likes to bestow medals and decorations on them. These medals do not really mean anything but they look great on your heroic chest.
Are they really just adornments? Illmir seems to think so, but he is just an archpriest, after all.
Illmir Steißschneider decorates you with a medal: the Silver Beer Mug.
* + * + * + * + * + * + * + * + * + * + * + * + * + * + * + * + * + * + * + *
The archpriest of the Black Empire, Illmir Steißschneider, wishes that the tribal leaders, of all orcs, be examples of true faith. Therefore he has decided to admit the leaders to priesthood.
You will receive a clerical title adequate to the intensity of your faith. Of course Illmir Steißschneider expects you to support the temple in terms of gold, since your service to Khurrad are of a worldly nature.
The priesthood does not approve rushed promotions. In every year you can rise only by one level in the clerical hierarchy, depending on your faith, but of course you may fall several levels if your faith is doubtful.
The titles are meant to motivate you, but they will also improve the willingness of your population to provide the compulsory services in your production sites.
Your slaves in particular will be docile labourers on the fields of your peasants if your clerical rank is higher.
* + * + * + * + * + * + * + * + * + * + * + * + * + * + * + * + * + * + * + *
Your faith is well known to the archpriest: no surprise that this servant of Khurrad bestows the title of "Heretic" upon you.

Your scout in Nadelfalle (151): He went about spying in a laboratory of an enemy mage and did not pay attention to the chalk marks on the floor.

A scout reports from Prankentempel (153):
The terrain type of the area is mountain.
In the ruins of a fortress, a monster (Acidic Glob (A4, D7, M1, B30/30, E68 - Invuln1, Poison1)) is said to guard a treasure.

Your scout in Schmalzhof (121): A double agent - finally he could not stand his loyalty conflicts and made off to ... to ... (too bad he did not leave an address).

Your scout in Gifttal (181): The average survival time for a spy like himself in enemy territory is about five minutes. He was below average.

Your scout in Trollstunken (182): He went about spying in a laboratory of an enemy mage and did not pay attention to the chalk marks on the floor.

You have arrested a scout from Flanai Kreischklaue in Rubbelquell (62).

The historicans in Jool Harbour have established a new method to honour the deeds of you and your opponents: the notoriety points.
You will get points for the castle level of your main castle, the number of your vassals, your rank and the other clan leaders which were slain by you.
For example a chieftain will get one point for his rank, zero points for his non existent vassals, two point for his main castle (assuming it has castle level 2) and one additional point for the one opponent he has already slain.
These points will be summarised year after year. Additionally there are special notoriety points which will be granted for the tribe leaders with
the highest sum of all ASF from all of his armies,
the highest ML,
the highest faith level,
the highest number of concessions of favour,
the most experienced hero,
the highest number of different improvements,
the highest number of medals,
the highest number of peasants,
the highest number of slaves,
the highest number of merchants,
the highest number of self-built production sites,
the highest number of successful raids,
the highest number of keeps.

There will be no special notoriety points granted befor year 2; if two tribes have equal values no special notoriety points will be granted.

These notoriety points don't have any meaning for games using the classical gollum table (as this game). In other games the gollum table is replaced by the table of fame, which is based on notoriety points.
The notoriety points are meant as additional source of information in this game.
You have 2 notoriety points (FP) now. This year you got 2 FP, 0 of these were special FPs.

World News:

Average goldear assets after VK commands - human players: 4 679 g; bit orcs: 4 859 g.

Slave market
Total turnover: 13 369 g and 612 slaves.
Minimum price paid for slaves: 20.00 g. Maximum price: 25.26 g. Average price: 21.84 g.
Not all demands could be satisfied.

- Sieges:
411 Mollenhorst413 Zickenarschhölle399 Silberheide396 Lappenbach

- Caravans:
171 Höllenhof104 Goldhof482 Feisttal302 Larvengau
756 Koboldhafen543 -167 Niederbek104 Goldhof
618 Lagune der Wolllust861 Zitterhorst582 Säbeltempel635 Rumpelbrunn
643 Fleischer740 Guldgrug284 Speichelböken410 Trauerlund
363 Larvenlust152 Bierschiss616 Meuchelhagen610 Pockenau
730 Hyänenstunken577 Lungenbingen 57 Sockenholm 89 Franken
No dragon, near and far.
Foreign merchants offer (GB special offer): 146 u diamond.

Cave system found in the Foreland!

Intense research by some scientists (and chance discoveries by runaway slaves) have brought forward a mysterious system of caves in the Foreland. The caves consist of corridors and caverns with monsters and treasures and several other peculiarities within them - just the ticket for heroes! Every ruler can send one of his heroes on a quest into these caves. A new command is available for this:

HQ <HeroNo> <0 to 10 subcommands>

The HQ command can be submitted once per year.

The HQ command with the hero number only, places the hero <HeroNo> in the entrance cave. This cave is empty. In every cave (in the entrance cave, too, of course) the directly adjacent caves, and what is inside, are visible.


HQ 3

The third hero starts his quest in the entrance cave.

The HQ command with subcommands moves the hero within the cave system and determines how the hero is to react in certain situations. A HQ command may have up to 10 subcommands. Subcommands are, similar to the subcommands of the HD command, pairs of one letter and a parameter. The two possible subcommands are:

G <direction>

A <answer>

The HQ command with a "G" subcommand moves the hero to an adjacent cave. <direction> is one of the letters N, E, S, or W, representing North, East, South, or West. Movement starts in the cave the hero ended his move in the last year (if he already was on a quest then - otherwise, in the entrance cave).


HQ 3 G N

Move the hero to the adjacent cave in the north.

Several direction letters may be written in series. This counts as one subcommand only. Example:


Go north, once more north, and then west.

The HQ command with an "A" subcommand answers a riddle, a question, or another task. How to use this command is explained in the course of the quest. Submitting this subcommand without being asked to is useless. Two consecutive A subcommands are not allowed.

The subcommands of the HQ command are processed from left to right. The processing is terminated when one of the following situations arises:

1. The hero dies.

2. The hero flees.

3. Movement is not possible.

4. The same cave was entered before in this year (including the starting cave. Moving back and forth, or circular, is not possible!).

5. An A subcommand is followed by another A subcommand.

If a hero moves into a cave with a monster, in most cases he will fight following the usual rules and with the usual consequences.
In a few cases, however, the hero will receive a mission instead which he has to complete. For defeating a monster, normally he will receive a treasure as reward, but not always. In addition to the usual treasures, other interesting things might be found in the system of caves.

There are particular items like keys etc. which are used in the cave system itself. These "quest items" are allocated to the player. That means if a hero is replaced by another (e.g. when the first hero dies), the quest items remain with the player.

It might be unwise to undertake too much in one year. The more monsters a hero fights in one year (or the more missions he completes), the poorer the rewards will be. Walking through empty caves (depicted as "o" in the map), however, does not affect the quality of the rewards.

Heroes busy with a quest cannot support campaigns, scout, or duel (either as attacker or defender, in tournament or elsewhere), or fight monsters in other areas. In other words: the subcommands "E", "D", "T", "S", and "H" to the HD command may not be submitted. The hero support status is set to "0" (no hero support for the army) automatically.

Heroes busy with a quest may, however, equip or unequip treasures, distribute their bonus points to their attributes and everything else not prohibited in the paragraph above. That means that for the same hero it is allowed, and might be useful, to submit an HQ as well as an HD command in the same year.


HQ 3 G NW A 1
HD 3 A 2310 F 7 XA 2
The HQ command moves the hero in the system of caves and determines his actions. The HD command equips the hero with a treasure, sets his escape limit and improves the A attribute.

Heroes busy with a quest may experience random events. This is because they do not stay in the caves all year, they just sneak out of the hero's more unpleasant duties.

A hero not receiving an HQ command will return from the quest automatically in the beginning of the year. Any pending missions are aborted. He is available for other heroic activities immediately.

If you submit an HQ command for one hero in one year and for another hero in the next year, the "old" hero returns, and the "new" hero starts his quest in the entrance cave again.

Even if heroes of different players explore the same cave in the same year, they will not meet. Within a complete year the chance of meeting each other are neglectible.

HQ command example:
The third hero moves north, north, and west, and in this cave submits the answer "1" (this will only make sense if this cave and its content are known already, of course), then he moves west and north. This HQ command consists of 3 subcommands (not six as could be supposed).

The temple priests announce:
The temple priests are generally displeased.

Gollum envy table - year 1:
1.3597Chief Wuduk Gräßelwahn from Kenderpfuhl (521)
2.3542Chief Däpt'n Dörk from Zickenarschhölle (413)
3.3440Chief Sire Kitty Kate from Kittyland (77)
4.3420Chief Bill Bo from Räuberfestung (823)
5.3415Chief Khorne from Fleischer (643)
6.3405Chief Der Bork from Kubus (164)
7.3391Chief Boroboro Kurukuru from Schweißklotzen (239)
8.3380Chief Daffy Duke from Franken (89)
9.3359Chief nathan der greise from solitudia (593)
10.3352Chief Loric der Barbar from Schädeltal (343)
11.3333Chief Alphatier from Taubenbergen (857)
12.3332Chief Grugdäz Grugzow from Guldgrug (740)
13.3316Chief Fenk Donnerkratzer from Lappenbach (396)
14.3313Chief Grom Nierenmörder from Faulleimen (347)
15.3306Chief Würgbold Wurstfinger from Schraub auf dem Daumen (250)
16.3286Chief Ollum from Bierschiss (152)
17.3271Chief Wugur Krisenkratzer from Hyänenstunken (730)
18.3253Chief Madhat from Lagune der Wolllust (618)
19.3252Chief - from - (543)
20.3233Chief Ererakh Fiesvernichter from Ferkelfeste (157)
21.3224Chief SharkŻ from Gundelberg (40)
22.3223Chief GROTSNIK from Lungenbingen (577)
23.3215Chief Icefighter Devil from Land der Orks (714)
24.3191Chief Shrund Schenkelgrabscher from Rindenmark (85)
25.3186Chief Orktikus from Dagnorr (295)
26.3170Chief King Mswati I from Swasiland (839)
27.3127Chief Nepomuk der tanzende Grottenolm from Blubberbläschen (229)
28.3122Chief Wulfgra from Suendenpfuhl (422)
29.3086Chief Lost Soul from Ancient Tomb (275)
30.3085Chief Champion des Imperators from Rudelsburg (849)
31.3069Chief intestines from Unomammia (718)
32.3062Chief Theobald Matschgesicht from Zuunterst (567)
33.3056Chief hammerkarl from ruanda (842)
34.3002Chief Pepe Cullito from Coconino (695)
35.2968Chief Rumpartz der Schreckliche from Düsterland (36)
36.2947Chief Parbag Gundelfeind from Zitterhorst (861)
37.2933Chief Murunakh Fersenkiller from Aschenhütte (418)
38.2874Chief woods from woodenship (499)
39.2793Chief Orkus from dem Fegefeuer (81)
Changed ranks are marked with an asterisk. The biggest gold hoard is 12427 goldears; the highest magic level is 12 points.

Hall of fame of the Black Empire heroes:
1Shobakh Taubengrabscher27570106913
2Pirbun Knastfasser8965771013
3Erodish Schmierenreißer7186589811
4Vragar Fahlknapser8396287911
5Fraruk Rumpelratscher7146079912

Chief Ollum (Heretic)

Your medals:
the Silver Beer Mug

Your tribe:

pop sectnumberquotaother
Scientists10.1%Sc. Lv.: 1; VW-limit: 20
Mages10.1%ML: 10
Priests20.2%Faith: 3/used to: 100 G
Merchants10212.5%tax: 20; bazaars: 0
Soldiers9711.9%AC: 3

Secret commands: HQ

There is hope for your economy; however, hope alone will not improve it.
Merchants' budget: at least 8 700 goldears (in addition to tribal upkeep).

The next ranks
1Chief016 772971030010

Your spells: HARE (3), GOLDEN ASS (4)

Product inventory
productNostockpileyieldtotal aypricevalue
fu71 094------66 564
Gold: 6 772, pigs: 56

After tribal upkeep:
278 fu (market worth: 1 668 g) and 7 045 goldears.

Heroes (expenses for recruiting another hero: 8 000 g):
1.: Novice Teerts Krustenrupfer: Lvl 2, E25 (HX: 2), A7, D8, M7, B11, F8, H:Def, ASF 1.30
2.: Moroner Kenk Lappenpuster: Lvl 1, E10, A8, D9, M7, B7, F6, H:Att, ASF 1.24
3.: Moroner Grushnukh Gnomspeier: Lvl 1, E5, A8, D9, M9, B9, F8, H:Def, ASF 1.27
(Lvl: level, E: experience, HX: bonus, A: attack, D: defense, M: mind, B: hit points/maximum, EL: escape limit, S: army support (-: none, def: defence, att: attack), HSF: hero strength factor, +x: treasure effect)

Monsters in your controlled areas:
62: Halfling (A3, D3, M8, B3/3, E12)
93: War Camel (A6, D4, M15, B6/6, E59 - Poison1, Stun)
94: Neidar (A7, D7, M7, B10/10, E45)
122: Buxom Lady (A12, D9, M8, B16/16, E94 - Stomp, Anti-Cool)
123: Squeek Bug (A2, D3, M1, B3/3, E8)

62Sx     - -------
93Px     - -------
94P-     - -------
122Fx     - -------
123F-     - -------
152F1    97 18: 1920:  9--- 9: 10-
T: Terrain; "x" in column "B": no construction of castle; numbers in front of the colon: average yield; numbers behind the colon: real yield.

NoTCsold moexarwpHSFcatafirename
152F1    97 50 0 0 0  1.4--Bierschiss
HSF: (1+mo*0.005) * (1+ex*0.01) * (1+ar*0.005) * (1+wp*0.005) * rank modifier. Castle class disregarded.

Mercenary and soldier cost

Your outposts (area number/strength): 183/3

NMRs:1, the last one in the year 1
Successful hero fights:3 of 5
Deceased heroes: 0Disabled heroes: 0
Caravans: 1Expenses: 1 000 Returns: 3 079
Casualties :0 of 0 deployed soldiers
Enemy casualties:0 of 0 deployed soldiers
Successful gold raids:0 of 0
Successful slave raids:0 of 0
Successful sieges against keeps:0 of 0
Successful tribal sieges:0 of 0
Keeps lost:0
Successful enemy tribal sieges:0
Highest army strength in combat:0

To everyone:

Von Würgbold Wurstfinger (33) from Schraub auf dem Daumen (250):
Hearken, orcish scum!
Branches here! No taxes! No tolls!

...the problematic situation causes the question: What do we want, actually? [Wolfgang Stumpenhorst]